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Mobile Self checkout makes your store queue less
SCAN AND GO technology puts your store on the cutting edge

Why NoQ?

Can a physical store remain relevant in the e-commerce era?
A new kind of store shopping with no checkout queues!!

Magnetically draw customer by letting them consistently buy with exciting offers.
And build loyalty by creating opportunity for customers to
establish personal connections with business.

Make Your
Experience Frictionless

Incresed cart Size

Increase cart size by extending product details and payments to every shopper's device, so they spend less time waiting and more time shopping.

Innovative Experience

Let your customer buy products with no hassle, queue less and faster check out.

Improved Efficiencies

Save your valuable floor space with no queue; Score high in revenue per sq ft.

Loyalty Management

Incorporate your loyalty program and promotions with NoQ and leverage all the incentives and benefits you've invested in to keep shoppers coming back.


Engage and better serve your customers with product discounts and coupons to make shopping a stunning experience.

How it Works?

Reinvent your store with digitalized shopping experience!

Scan the product

Pay Online



Measure Customers

Sell in New Ways

Reach shoppers at their
Point of decision

Bring Online
Features to Offline

Create a seamless
digitalized experience

About us

We strive to give you the ability to do something that's likely to result in a positive and empowering experience.
Our passion is to create advanced technology in digital commerce that determines the future of retail by developing platforms that are time saving and intuitive for the shoppers and retailers.